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Welcome to
my Creative Lab.

I am Kaylee and this is my online creative space where I share my photos and stories with the world.

'Photographing is like a conversation. I listen with my eyes and respond with my camera. As a photographer I’m the mirror.'

For me photography is not about what I take a photo of. It’s about why I do it. About how it makes me feel. From there I take photos of anything I like. Anything that catches my eye for whatever reason. I photograph what is - beyond what can be seen: feelings, emotions, the energy in a room... I capture the essence of being.



Let's work together from passion and create images that truly represent the story you want to tell.

All inquiries are welcome, whether you're looking for a beautiful photo series in nature, a campaign shoot for your brand or need updated professional portraits. Let's find out how we can work together!


Sharing real and personal stories

I love to capture things that tell a story. Anything that tells a story to me or to someone else. My story or someone else’s. I capture moments to remember. 

A photo is a frozen moment that has the power to change

A photograph can take you back to a moment. Sometimes it almost makes you feel like reliving a moment. A photo has the power to show you something new every time you look at it. Even when it visually stays the same. Every time you look back it changes - memories grow on you, feelings come and go - the meaning of a photo changes.


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