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Healing Photo Experiences

Photos often carry a lot of meaning. They are literally mirrors of your feelings if you let them be. A healing photo experience is a true self-care gift. 


This photo experience is created for you to dive within. We raise awareness for the intention you have set. Your why for doing this healing photo session with me. We call to explore your why and set your intention together.

What would it feel like to see your beauty through someone else's eyes?


Celebrate The Body

Nothing is ugly. Except the way we look at ourselves. You don't have to love it, accepting it can be a big first step!

Celebrate your beautiful body and what it is capable of. Give yourself the chance of looking at it through someone else's eyes. Chances are that it will transform your view.

Who do you see when you stand still for a moment and reflect on your experiences?

Honour The Process

Many of us are on a path of personal growth and healing. But what about the process? 


Take the time to stand still, reflect on what you've been through and appreciate where you are right now.

The photos show YOU and will become a precious memories of you once were.


Sara's Words

'I talked a lot about the session afterwards and realised that it was such a big part of loving myself and my body. It means so much that you told me you find me beautiful. In this safe and open space we were both able to be vulnerable. It was beautiful. Thank you for your support and your work.'

Vulnerability is one of my greatest strengths - that's how I invite you to show your soft side to me too. 

Self portraits have been of huge impact on my journey to accepting and loving myself and my body. It is partly what inspired me to offer these healing experiences. 

Since I would never ask you to open up in front of my lens if would not know what it is like myself, I asked others to take my photos too. 

Kaylee van Dam-104 2_edited.jpg

My vulnerability is my greatest strength.

Gift yourself a healing photo experience

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